Friday, June 25, 2010

Eddie Money!

My Beautiful Hannah Banana and I were on our way to an Eddie Money concert, and guess who was playing on the radio on the way there....EDDIE MONEY!!!! We had a blast at the concert, and Hannah you are a wonderful person whom I love dearly!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Lookah Hookah!

A fine hookah adventure with the one and only......JAKE RANDEL!..and there is only one.

AHH! ha

Oh God....Jazz dancing...

Hookah Shmoke!!!


I went to Montreal for a wedding.  I was "the guest" for Mr. Jeb Burroughs.  Montreal was so beautiful.  We stayed in a camper in the countryside.  Oh my goodness, and there were cute wee little animals everywhere! the wedding was a blast. Oh my goodness was it a blast! We danced everywhere...even at the party next door to the wedding that we were kindly escorted out of..ha!  Jeb, Laura, and Jimbo, I LOVE YOU GUYS!  I had a fabulous time, and thank you for inviting me! 



A pond!...ha

Train to Utica!

I went on a train to get to Utica, and ran into.....CHELSEA WAHL, and JUSTIN! AH! They both graduated in my class. I was wonderful to see them, especially the wonderful chelsea.  We then all made hemp jewelry..well Justin tried..haha. Oh goodness gracious me, what a great way to start an adventure! 

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Rusted Root!

"Send me on my way" -Rusted Root

Since last Summer Rusted Root has come to Roch-cha-cha to play for FREE! And I LOVE IT! Last summer I went with zee lovely Caitlin Ramsperger, and this summer I went with my hannah Banana, aka..Grooovay, and kt, aka..shhtick. I love you guys!  You are all beautiful people and i am happy to have gone to see Rusted Rood with you all!