Thursday, December 30, 2010

Im Not Yet Satisfied......

I met with my magnificent youth group to watch the MUPPETS CHRISTMAS!! hahaa...never gets old! ha. It was sooo great seeing you all. Hilary, Even, Kevin, Paul, AMES!...I will always love you guys! any who, Amy and I could not control OUR CRAVINGSSS!!!

..And Baby baby baby when all your love is gone...


Getting mentally prepared for the shoot in the FREEZING WEATHER!
Goofing during the shoot..haha!

So about a week ago Kt and I modeled for a photographer. The name is Frank Petranio, and he is an awesome-chill kind of guy! We went to this lake that was frozen! AHH! It was MAGNIFICENT! the bridge that was over the lake had layers of ice on it! It was an ICE TUNDRA! Kt and I froze our little buns off, and then we went out for PIZZA! DEE-LISH! the day was a successful one that I will NEVER forget! Oh yeah..haha, then later that night KT and i watch The Human Centipede...DEAR GOD..just rent it to see how disturbing it is! ha

On our way to get PIZZA!!!!


Grunge shoot with KT!

KT MY LOVE! So Kt and I did another shoot together! WOOOO-EEEE in the freeeeezing attic of the Garage! AHHH! But we got a great shot! Its in the Portrait section! Kt I love you! we ALWAYS have a great time and laugh, and I love that we can transition from our crazy selves to having serious and deep descriptions. I LOVE YOU KT!
...hahahhaa..oh dear God...

IN the Freeeeezing cold.....????

Bloody Hell!

About a week ago I went to visit one of my most FANTASTICALLY BEAUTIFUL friends...Corby, AKA, my Corbs and my "Soul Brother". We can talk for hours on end about the many facets of life, the people in it, the mysteries, the curiosities we have....Life is a fascinating enigma! Anywho, that night we talked, danced like creatures, created songs like beat-boxers, talked like British people, watche "United States of Leland"...very good, but not as good as I remembered, but the night was splendid! Corbs I love you so much, and NEVER forget it. You are an amazing person That I am so thankful to have in my life!

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Ice skating Charmin Extavaganza!

Today, the amazing Alicia King and I went for an adventure! we first started off to find the Rockefeller Christmas tree, and on our way we found ICE SKATERS! There was one skater that stood out to us...he had a beat of his own that was quite contagious! ha. We journeyed off and then went to the Charmin toilets..Hahhaha! Oh boy when you got to gotta go.


Haha, We didnt realize the camera was set only for 6 seconds! ha.

Ps...We never found the Rockefeller TREE! Pahaha

Friday, December 17, 2010

The Nutcracker!

Oh my Goodness! The Nutcracker was FANTASTIC! My wonderful Jeb and I went to Lincoln Center, and on our way there broke out into song!

LEVI Studio!

Last week I went to LEVI'S Studio, and was a model for Maria! She took some gorgeous shots of me! I LOVE THEM MARIA!!!! the Studio was fantastic, the music was loud, and nothing could stop us from feeeelin the beat!..strangely the music is muted on the video. Oh yes, and Maria, the photos you took came out beautiful...I will never forget that FREEZING FAN! hahaha