Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Colorful Dancers!

This past Saturday my friend Arielle invited me to a performance by dancers and instrumentalists from Juilliard! IT WAS FANTASTIC!  She designed the outfits, and they were magnificently colorful and flowy! Beautiful work Arielle!  Each dance and song was inspired  by a certain color! Take a look!




Wednesday, October 20, 2010

loreal Prystaj - One Life Photos

loreal Prystaj - One Life Photos

I'm part of a photo contest! Please vote! thank you so much, and i really appreciate it!

Sunday, October 17, 2010


AHH!!! Ratatat was AMAZINGGG!! My wonderful friend Kt Ferris came to the city, and we went to the concert together, and met up with the magnificent Mark, and Mel!  It was soo fun. Kt and I danced our little feet off...let me tell you, that is an understatement to how much we danced! It was so great seeing Mel and Kt. Mel you are wonderful, and Kt you have blossomed into a beautiful person, and your art is amazingly beautiful! I LOVE YOU BOTH!

Crowd Surfing!

The lovely Kt and Lor at Ratatat!

Blue bathroom!

Governors Island...Not expected..

So I went to Governors Island to take some photos in a house that no one is able to go in...unless you know the lock combinations. I will just leave it at that.  So I was on my way to this home that I have always thought was Fantastic to take some beautiful photos in..and little did I know the house I went in...had someone inside! Julie! she is a wonderful person that I met that day, and i still got some amazing shots inside the house! PERFECTO!

TATTOOO-ing Jesse!

Jesse is an amazing person who has a talent for tattooing, and when i say he is talented I mean it.   He has only tattooed for about 6 months now..And simply has a gift for it! So, any who, Leah, Kate, Lauren, and I went on a midnight adventure to give him a visit! Oh there will be many more visits!


Lost Cellular device!

If there is one thing in my life that I have lost, "injured", or neglected...I would have to say it is my phone.  I probably lose it 3 times a week. It has been in the toilet for 30 minutes, fallen 5 stories down a stair case, and still always finds its way back home to me!  Some wonderful person left this on the bathroom mirror a few weeks ago when I lost my phone...Thank God for beautiful people.