Thursday, December 30, 2010


Getting mentally prepared for the shoot in the FREEZING WEATHER!
Goofing during the shoot..haha!

So about a week ago Kt and I modeled for a photographer. The name is Frank Petranio, and he is an awesome-chill kind of guy! We went to this lake that was frozen! AHH! It was MAGNIFICENT! the bridge that was over the lake had layers of ice on it! It was an ICE TUNDRA! Kt and I froze our little buns off, and then we went out for PIZZA! DEE-LISH! the day was a successful one that I will NEVER forget! Oh yeah..haha, then later that night KT and i watch The Human Centipede...DEAR GOD..just rent it to see how disturbing it is! ha

On our way to get PIZZA!!!!


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