Saturday, January 29, 2011

Back in NEW YORK!!!!

YAY! so I have been back in New York for about a week an a half now, AND IT HAS BEEN FANTASTIC!!! I have come back earlier...before school starts..BECAUSE IM AM RA!!!! Muahahha! anywho, when I returned I saw my beautiful sister Lydia! OH I LOVE HER! I went to a house party she was hosting, and it was fantastic! Great people were there, and I met a very wonderfully interesting individual, Ryan. Later he and I met for lunch at MUD...I have become obsessed with it! Its a cute coffee shop with delicious fooood!! Ryan, I look forward to our future adventurous meetings!

I also visited my BEAUTIFUL CORBS in Brooklyn! You my wonderful Corbs, have a beautiful soul! We danced to African music and watched "The City of Lost Children"..WOOWW, Fantastic movie. PLEASE watch it! Jean-Pierre Jeunet is a Brilliant Director/artist/story writer! His movies are EXTREMELY inspiring! Thanks Corbs for being such an amazing person in my life!

OH YES! and HOW can I FORGET! I met this fascinating individual Will. Will you are quite an amazing person. Thanks for lending me "The Cult of the Amateur", I still have pretty much the whole book to read..haha, but what I have read is so interesting...and true. All I can say is there is a "REAL WORLD OUT THERE".oh yes...and ps, DROP OUT OFF ART SCHOOL! are Beautiful..haha, SO BEAUTIFUL! makes me smile every morning!

So people have been returning to the dorms. YAYAY!!! It is so great to see everyone. and my new sweet mates are incredible! I love that we are all comfortable with natural bodily functions..pahaha! Brooke and Corey, I soo glad I will be seeing you guys that I practically live with you..MUAHA!

Oh yes! I can never forget mentioning my Jeb Jeb! I love you JEB and I am so happy you are back in the City. I always love our walks, talks, and everything in between!

I also got together with wonderful Rick! We went out for dinner in Astoria...GREEK FOOD DELISH!!!! I always love talking to you, Rick. It is amazing we met on a train..pahaha, I sometimes cant believe it! I cherish out friendship very much! I always look forward to getting together with you in the future.

So there was a GIANT snow storm in New York..HOLY MOLYY, it was a blizard...soo, the next day my friend Tim and I went for a shooting adventure in Central Park, camera shooting that is. YAY. Tim I had an amazing adventurous time with you. I cant wait for more CAMERA ADVETURESS..I'm thinking Prospect park is our next journey! Muaha!

annnd today Im going to meet a wonderful woman. Wafah! at..where else, But MUD! hahaa. I look very forward to it!

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